Jason SitzesA Few Moments of Your Time...

With Jason Sitzes


I'm going to offer a few insights into the writing life.  And I'm excited about sharing them with you. 

On occasion we'll talk to other authors.

You'll also get exclusive updates from the Writers Retreat Workshop, featuring top agents and authors sharing with hungry budding and published writers. And sometimes we'll kick back by the fire and talk shop; look at craft and mechanics intensely, under a microscope.

Basically, we'll walk this forested path together finding inspiration and information around every corner.

Let's begin...

  • Jason Sites Column 1
    Jason talks about how driving through a rainbow made him think about what it means to 'push through' for a writer - and offers some do-it-now fixes that you can apply to your own work.
  • Jason Sitzes Column 2
    Dozens of books on writing give "rules" and these books are important, necessary, even if you disagree, because they challenge us. But if you don't believe in your talent, if you don't trust yourself, if you don't push through, if you can't get inspired by your own story, you will never find your treasure.
  • Jason Sitzes Column 3
    I'm writing from my humble office in the humble retreat center that for thirteen years has hosted the Writers Retreat Workshop in Erlanger, Kentucky, USA. I thought I'd share with you some of the nuggets of gold from the first half of the week.
  • Jason Sitzes Column 4
    Jason shares with you a lesson he taught at the Writers' Retreat Workshop, using Les Edgerton's book HOOKED: the importance of using those vital first pages to hook the reader by plunging them into the middle of action.
  • Jason Sitzes Column 5
    Emotional responses are often revealed at the aftermath of making a choice, or having a revelation. After all, putting our characters in positions where they have to make a choice is the essence of character. Why does your character decide A over B? What are the stakes of making choice A, what are the stakes of B, and what are the consequences of the final choice made?
  • Jason Sitzes Column 6
    Many writers are don't understand the concept of tension: they think it's only important in thrillers, suspense, and mystery novels. That isn't the case. Tension lives on the page of every literary and nonfiction work as well.


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