On this site you'll find articles, software tips and information, checklists and free downloads. The tips on technique are evergreen, and you'll find plenty to help you here. However, the publishing world is changing rapidly (you might almost say at warp speed) and Indie writers are ecstatic that at last, their work will be judged by readers, rather than editors at traditional publishing houses.

There is still a place for traditional publishing, and we're now seeing a new breed: those who call themselves 'hybrid' writers. Some of their work is published by traditional publishers, and some is self-published. Other writers are becoming publishing entrepreneurs, setting up as 'publishers' rather than writers, and working with a stable of writers to publish books in a range of genres.

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Other News

I am going to be gradually moving the articles on this site over to a WordPress platform (the site is currently using XSitePro software) but the articles will remain while that is happening.

If you're new to this site, spend some time browsing around - there are hundreds of articles, and when I read through the articles on writing technique, I can see that the advice in them is just as relevant as ever. Good writing is good writing! To win loyal fans for your books, whether you are an Indie writer or your books are published with traditional publishers, you need to be the best writer you can be. You should never stop learning.

Writing for Success E-courses and Assessment Services

This year, I'm going to be focusing on building my own fiction list and helping Indie writers via the Indie Tipsheet and blog posts. That means that all my e-courses and assessment services are going to be put on hold for a while.

See you on the blog!

Marg :-)


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